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By Kelly Granite Enck
Behind me is what's left of protected land, they call it Land of the Thunder Dragon, or Bhutan. This is the only place on earth untouched by the "industrial revolution." The land has been protected by the King of Bhutan, only 7,000 visitors a year are allowed into the country. You write a letter telling the King why you want to visit and if he agrees, you will receive an invitation from him. You must also pay for your entire visit up front, tour, hotels and even your return airline ticket out of the country. This is to protect the land. The gross national product from Bhutan is "Happiness."

The King tried to keep television out of the country, but some poor looser in a global society forced Bhutan to allow television. Stating that it was not fare to the people to be cut off from the news of the world, Ugh!  The only thing the tv is being used for sadly, is to teach kids about war and guns, as they are no longer playing outside, but inside…

John Lennon's song Imagine

John Lennon's "IMAGINE"

How to Juice Fast for Detox — 7 Days

Dear Friends,
I am now living in Doylestown PA, still house hunting for a magical house and Juicing for Life!
Here is a tour of my town and my hottest tips on Juicing.

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Is Caffeine an Excitotoxin and Bad for our Health?

There are experts who say that caffeine is an excitotoxin, which "excites our cells to death." Yikes! I have been on the "raw food diet" for eight years, eating 75 percent of my diet live produce, like green juice and raw vegetables and fruit. This is the sexiest, I've ever felt on this diet.Now,I look for new ways to improve on this natural high I have felt. I read Dr. Amen's book, "Unleash the power of the female brain."He says we should give up Caffeine all together, it's not health. I am trying to replace coffee with filtered water, which promises to unleash the power of my brain!!! :)
I have been drinking half my weight in ounces of filtered water. Dr. Amen is a Psychiatrist and a Neuroscientist, who is tired of doctors giving out drugs before correcting the overall problems, like our diet and hormones. The brain is the control center--everything starts with how much oxygen is getting to it. I am looking forward to experiencing my brain in …