Friday, January 27, 2017

People's Climate Movement— Environmental March April 29, 2017

By Kelly Granite Enck
Behind me is what's left of protected land, they call it Land of the Thunder Dragon, or Bhutan. This is the only place on earth untouched by the "industrial revolution." The land has been protected by the King of Bhutan, only 7,000 visitors a year are allowed into the country. You write a letter telling the King why you want to visit and if he agrees, you will receive an invitation from him. You must also pay for your entire visit up front, tour, hotels and even your return airline ticket out of the country. This is to protect the land. The gross national product from Bhutan is "Happiness."

The King tried to keep television out of the country, but some poor looser in a global society forced Bhutan to allow television. Stating that it was not fare to the people to be cut off from the news of the world, Ugh!  The only thing the tv is being used for sadly, is to teach kids about war and guns, as they are no longer playing outside, but inside playing on video games.

Trump's new plan is to bring back jobs by creating an oil pipeline from Canada through America. But, this will only create more earth quakes and polluted air and water. And cause more unemployment when the pipeline is completed in three years. Those that voted for Trump believed in the illusion that Trump was going to fix all their problems.

If Trump had been "forwarding thinking" he would have created technology schools and offered no interest student loans. We need more educated people in solar energy, labs for cancer cures, and schools for an education in IT. Even if he wanted to deal in oil, why not find other means to get the oil from Canada to America, like trucking it. At least that would not be digging up earth. The Oil Executives hands are getting greased by money, but at what price? It is all temporary, except the damage we will do to the earth for future generations.

I spent two blissful weeks hiking in the Himalayas and the friends that I made there are now posting on Facebook, horrified that the Pipeline, cutting funding off to the EPA and NATO is going to pollute the world. They are asking us to stop this backwards thinking, which will kill the biodiversity of the Earth, which will eventually kill man. We can help by marching in the Environment March on April 29, 2017.  This may activate Congress to vote against the pipeline and vote to protect the funding to the EPA and NATO. Join me on a hike through Bhutan, by reading my memoir—"From Hollywood to God". 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March 2017 : John Lennon's "IMAGINE" comes to mind when I think about the Women's March

John Lennon's "IMAGINE" comes to mind when I think about the Women's March of 2017. Over 4.2 Million women marched for 'Women's Rights' in the United States, but what surprised us all was how many women from all over the world showed up, from Poland, Ireland, Paris, and Canada. They even march in Africa to support our fight against the Trump administration, who wants to take our rights away. The faces on the Indian women in New Delhi said to me, this Historic Day has changed us all and it has brought hope to our future daughters. We have united as one and we have all felt the mass cry for love, Imagine how this could spread. #WomensMarch2017

How to Juice Fast for Detox — 7 Days

Dear Friends,
I am now living in Doylestown PA, still house hunting for a magical stone house and Juicing for Life!
Here is a tour of my town and my hottest tips on Juicing.
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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Is Caffeine an Excitotoxin and Bad for our Health?

I am giving up Caffeine for New Years and this goal may be one of the hardest thing I have ever done, because I love my morning high when I have a cup of Joe. But, I  have a desire to get in the best shape ever and coffee is getting in my way. I remember making a sick joke, that if San Francisco had an earthquake I would be walking over bodies to get to a cup of coffee. That is how hard it's hold is on my desires for more. 

There are experts who say that caffeine is an excitotoxin, which "excites our cells to death." Yikes!
I have been on the "raw food diet" for eight years, eating 75 percent of my diet live produce, like green juice and raw vegetables and fruit. This is the sexiest, I've ever felt on this diet.  Now,  I look for new ways to improve on this natural high I have felt. I read Dr. Amen's book, "Unleash the power of the female brain."  He says we should give up Caffeine all together, it's not health. I am trying to replace coffee with filtered water, which promises to unleash the power of my brain!!! :)

I have been drinking half my weight in ounces of filtered water. Dr. Amen is a Psychiatrist and a Neuroscientist, who is tired of doctors giving out drugs before correcting the overall problems, like our diet and hormones. The brain is the control center--everything starts with how much oxygen is getting to it. I am looking forward to experiencing my brain in 30 days, which is the magic number to real results. Today is day one, cold turkey on coffee, and alcohol.

Dr. Amen says every brain is different, depending on our exposures to toxins, healthy food or nurture or lack of— in childhood. He writes of a technique called ANTS in the brain, Automatic Negative Thoughts. In this process you name the thought, Blame, which takes your power away...Guilt Beating...ect. It's fun to look at thoughts and categorize them. I can dismiss them when logic is added. He said that the new hero in the future world,  will be the one with an IQ of a Million, not the one with a million dollars. Yet, I can imagine that you could have both with a sharp brain. According to Dr. Amens giving up caffeine and alcohol is the start. Here I go...:)



Caffeine disrupts the time neurons work and rest.)

Unlike cocaine, amphetamine, morphine, alcohol and nicotine, caffeine does not activate dopamine release (to D2 receptors), in the "pleasure centers" (the shell) of the nucleus accumbens, which are associated with addiction. The "addictive" properties of caffeine seem to be almost entirely connected to withdrawal symptoms.

IWith long periods of wakefulness adenosine accumulates in neurons as a result of ATP breakdown. Adenosine from inside the neurons is transported across cell membranes into the extracellular space. The A1 receptors of the basal nucleus neurons are particularly sensitive to the increased levels of adenosine, which increases potassium ion influx thereby hyperpolarizing (inhibiting) those neurons. Adenosine also reduces the activity of GABA neurons in the basal nucleus, thereby disinhibiting neurons in the preoptic/anterior hypothalamus which promote Slow-Wave Sleep (SWS) [BEHAVIORAL BRAIN RESEARCH 115:183-204 (2000)].

Caffeine promotes wakefulness by opposing all of these actions of adenosine — blocking the adenosine receptors. Additionally, the neurons in the raphe nucleus, locus coeruleus and caudate nucleus are all very sensitive to the ability of caffeine to block the inhibitory infulence of adenosine [BRAIN RESEARCH 858:71-77 (2000)]. For these reasons caffeine is particularly effective in opposing the sleep-inducing actions of adenosine. Caffeine blockade of adenosine action, reduces sleepiness while also impeding learning and memory [BEHAVIORAL BRAIN RESEARCH; 193:79 (2008)]. Caffeine even reduces "sleep" in fruit flies in a dose-dependent manner [SCIENCE; Shaw,PJ; 287:1834-1837 (2000)].
Caffeine increases attention & vigilance and lessens feelings of weariness. Caffeine enhances learning in maze tests in which animals are not rewarded, but makes no difference in tests that include a food reward. Caffeine reduces the tendency to become bored by a repetitive stimulus [BRAIN RESEARCH REVIEWS 17:139-170 (1992)]. Caffeine might therefore seem well suited for those working at night, driving long hours or working with hazardous equipment — and may save lives.
Adenosine levels rise during ischemia/hypoxia and this effect is thought to counter the detrimental effects by providing substrate for ATP synthesis and reducing excitotoxicity through agonist actions of adenosine on A1 receptors. 

General blockage of all adenosine receptors by caffeine worsens ischemia/hypoxia, primarily through blocking the A1 receptors. Caffeine worsens reperfusion injury from neutrophil accumulation in vascular beds — an effect normally opposed by adenosine action on A2 receptors.
Preconditioning with caffeine a few weeks prior to ischemia — with caffeine discontinued prior to the time of ischemia — can reduce ischemic damage as a result of increased number of A1receptors due to habituation/tolerance. Taking advantage of caffeine in an actual clinical/cryonics situation would be difficult because the timing of ischemic episodes & clinical death cannot be predicted — and the half-life of caffeine in a normal adult is roughly 5 or 6 hours.
Caffeine can significantly increase the secretion of gastric acid & pepsin. But coffee — even decaf — has an even stronger effect. Apparently there is a non-caffeine component to coffee which has a significant effect on gastric secretion.

ref-A very thorough review of the effects of caffeine on the brain can be found in  [PHAMACOLOGICAL REVIEWS; 51(1):83-133 (1999)].)

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