By Kelly Granite Enck
Behind me is what's left of protected land, they call it Land of the Thunder Dragon, or Bhutan. This is the only place on earth untouched by the "industrial revolution." The land has been protected by the King of Bhutan, only 7,000 visitors a year are allowed into the country. You write a letter telling the King why you want to visit and if he agrees, you will receive an invitation from him. You must also pay for your entire visit up front, tour, hotels and even your return airline ticket out of the country. This is to protect the land. The gross national product from Bhutan is "Happiness."

The King tried to keep television out of the country, but some poor looser in a global society forced Bhutan to allow television. Stating that it was not fare to the people to be cut off from the news of the world, Ugh!  The only thing the tv is being used for sadly, is to teach kids about war and guns, as they are no longer playing outside, but inside playing on video games.

Trump's new plan is to bring back jobs by creating an oil pipeline from Canada through America. But, this will only create more earth quakes and polluted air and water. And cause more unemployment when the pipeline is completed in three years. Those that voted for Trump believed in the illusion that Trump was going to fix all their problems.

If Trump had been "forwarding thinking" he would have created technology schools and offered no interest student loans. We need more educated people in solar energy, labs for cancer cures, and schools for an education in IT. Even if he wanted to deal in oil, why not find other means to get the oil from Canada to America, like trucking it. At least that would not be digging up earth. The Oil Executives hands are getting greased by money, but at what price? It is all temporary, except the damage we will do to the earth for future generations.

I spent two blissful weeks hiking in the Himalayas and the friends that I made there are now posting on Facebook, horrified that the Pipeline, cutting funding off to the EPA and NATO is going to pollute the world. They are asking us to stop this backwards thinking, which will kill the biodiversity of the Earth, which will eventually kill man. Join me on a hike through Bhutan, by reading my memoir—"From Hollywood to God". 

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