Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What is Man's Purpose for LIFE on Earth?

“By looking at your own life, you can quite easily discover in what areas your own abilities lie by following the shape of your own impulses and inclinations.
“You cannot learn about yourself by studying what is expected of you by others—but only by asking yourself what you expect of yourself, and discovering for yourself in what direction your abilities lie.” Seth

I have wondered about my purpose on Earth my entire life, and the only book that felt right was "The Nature of Personal Reality, By Jane Roberts/Seth. Below is the theme of our life here on Earth...
* We are here LEARNING what mental energy is, and how to use it.
* We are LEARNING responsibility—the responsibility of any individualized consciousness.
* We are LEARNING to handle creative energy; and since we are still in the process of doing so, we will often misdirect it.
* We are LEARNING how to form reality from our own beliefs, while having at the same time the freedom to choose those beliefs—to choose our mental state.
* We are not our consciousness. It is something that belongs to us and to the soul. We ARE LEARNING to use it.
* We are LEARNING to be co-creators.
We are LEARNING to know Our Self.
* We are LEARNING to handle the energy that is our self, for creative purposes.
* In physical reality We ARE LEARNING that our thoughts have reality, and that we create the reality that we know.
* We ARE LEARNING to use the creative energy of which we are a part, and also isolated from so we can feel our creative powers at work. 
In this existence we ARE LEARNING to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to us!!! 
* We are consciously aware of certain events, and unconsciously aware of much more, which We ARE LEARNING to bring into conscious focus.
We ARE LEARNING to be gods as we now understand the term.
* We ARE LEARNING now, in a three dimensional context, the ways in which our emotional and psychic existence can create varieties of physical form.
* We ARE LEARNING to BE as completely as possible..... 
*We ARE LEARNING to create ourselves. .....("this is my favorite one")
* We ARE LEARNING how to transform the imaginative realm of probabilities into a more or less specific, physically experienced world.
* We our a particular camouflage universe, We ARE LEARNING energy transformation. ( I LOVE THIS ONE TOO!)
* WE ARE LEARNING to use our consciousness to become conscious co-creators of our own reality.

 I like to think of my focus as "Deliberate Creating." Owning everything that shows up in my life, both good and bad in order to own my energy and power to create.

"We get what we focus on, there is no other rule".  Seth

One way I found to get happier, no matter what is going on in my life is to get busy creating something. As so as I lose myself in my creation, I notice everything I have been trying so hard to make happen suddenly darts through to me! I think "CREATING" is the key to happiness. So, how do you figure out what you should be creating? Trust your impulses, and spontaneity! Follow your impulses. Go in the direction they take you!...It's magical. 
Botton line.....Finding Our Self is something SPECIAL. ^_^
If you are a "Deliberate Creator" owning everything coming into your life, post some tips below for me to share, and try!

Thank you for being here! Love Kelly, author of "From Hollywood to God" a wild adventure around the world in search of God and a Boyfriend. : Click link to read the reviews: MY BOOK!

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