What is a Monomeal Diet & What are the Benefits?

What is a Mono Meal and What are the Benefits of Eating Mono? 
  1. Eating mono allows the body to find it’s natural point of satiation.  It triggers the satiety signals in the body and prevents overeating.
  2. Eating mono prevents addiction to stimulation, which comes from sampling a variety of tastes.
  3. Eating a monomeal is easy to digest, which makes this style of eating one of the best for detoxing the body from metals and disease. Each food needs a specific enzyme to digest and when you eat a variety, it complicates digestion and slows it down.
How to eat Mono
The quantity of fruit will vary from person to person, for example, 2 Avocados may be a perfect meal for someone, while 3 or 4 avocados will be perfect to fill up for someone else. This is the same for say oranges, you may need 5 oranges to feel full and content, while someone else may need only three oranges.
You’ll know that you’ve eaten enough of one type of fruit for a meal when…
a)    You get clear signals towards the end of the meal that you’ve had enough.
b)   You feel satiated for 3 to 5 hours after that meal.
Eat whenever you are hungry and only raw fruits and vegetables, if possible. You can still do an intermittent fast and turn on your "restoration gene" and eat monomeals if you like. To succeed at the intermittent fast, all you need to do is wait 16 hours from dinner to your next meal. This is very popular in SF as a simple means to stay in shape and look young among all the dot-comers!
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