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LONGEVITY SECRET #2 - Want to Live Longer? Get Some Friends

“A 2006 University of California study of three thousand women with breast cancer found that those with a large network of friends were four times as likely to survive as women with sparser social connections."
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"In 2007 Steve Cole and his team at UCLA discovered that social contact switches on and off the genes that regulate our immune response to cancer and the rate of tumor growth."
This is a classic example of epigenetic - the science that shows that, just as important as the genes you were born with, are the changes that happen in your biology based on the behavioral habits you adopt and the environment you put yourself in.
John Cacioppo from University of Chicago reports that 20-40% of older adults feel lonely. You have to connect deeply with other humans or your brain's alarm system will go off. “Loneliness drives up the cortisol and blood pressure levels that dama…

LONGEVITY SECRET #1 — Dress the Age You Want To Feel!

I had this huge realization that if I dressed the age I wanted to feel, my brain would believe this...
So, I experimented with dressing the way I did at age 30. And guess what I felt 30! But, what surprised me the most was that others saw me as younger, and interacted with me with more excitement and interest. Is it possible, that the idea of "Dressing Like a Mature" woman is aging us?

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