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How I Got Off All Medications for Ulcerative Colitis! : Lialda, Prednisone & Mesalamine!

By Kelly Granite Hypnosis works for Ulcerative Colitis.....whenever you feel stressed out, breath with your hand under your ribs until your breath fills your gut, all the way up to the upper gut. And drink weak mint tea with real mint leaves with every meal. I avoid alcohol, caffeine, and all complex carbs. I drank one cup of bone broth a day until I was well. If you are a vegetarian it's hard to imagine bone both, but it's the best thing for healing the gut from ulcers.
The Raw Food Diet did not work for me, while I was sick--it's too much roughage, but I returned to it slowly, after my ulcers had healed, which took one year, because the medication I was on Lialda, has a side effect of causing Ulcerative Colitis and the body becomes dependent on it, to create normal bowels.
I am thankful to my doctors for getting an extremely bad condition last year, under control, with drugs. I was bleeding all the time, and could not get out of bed. The colonoscopy showed ulcers in my uppe…