How I Got Off All Medications for Ulcerative Colitis! : Lialda, Prednisone & Mesalamine!

 By Kelly Granite
Hypnosis works for Ulcerative Colitis.....whenever you feel stressed out, breath with your hand under your ribs until your breath fills your gut, all the way up to the upper gut. And drink weak mint tea with real mint leaves with every meal. I avoid alcohol, caffeine, and all complex carbs. I drank one cup of bone broth a day until I was well. If you are a vegetarian it's hard to imagine bone both, but it's the best thing for healing the gut from ulcers. 

 The Raw Food Diet did not work for me, while I was sick--it's too much roughage, but I returned to it slowly, after my ulcers had healed, which took one year, because the medication I was on Lialda, has a side effect of causing Ulcerative Colitis and the body becomes dependent on it, to create normal bowels.

 I am thankful to my doctors for getting an extremely bad condition last year, under control, with drugs. I was bleeding all the time, and could not get out of bed. The colonoscopy showed ulcers in my upper and lower intestines. I had an Extreme case of Ulcerous Colitis, and bloody diarrhea,and I was told from the Mayo Clinic doctors that I would never get well, and would be on drugs for the rest of my life.drugs 

 I got sick from my trip in 2007 to Egypt. I drank a street vender's mango slushy. Big Mistake! The bad bacteria worked its way into my gut and became a problem for me every few years after that.... When I ended up in the emergency room, and was given steroids I was able to get out of bed. Later I was weaned off steroids and given Lialda for life.  

At the beginning my doctors treated me with lots of steroids to stop the bleeding and diarrhea. Then they weaned me off steroids with 6, then 4 pills of Lialda a day, for life. Nine months later, I started lowering my dose of Lialda to 3 pills a day. But, if I had a symptom of urgency for a bowel movement, I would up the pills back to 4 a day. Then try to reduce the dose again back to 3 Lialda a day. After three months of this, I was able to handle 3 pills a day. 

 I moved to Pennsylvania and was referred to a famous doctor at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, Anna M. Buchner, MD, PhD. I told her my goal was to get off all medication and go back on my raw food diet. She told me that her very old patients sometime became well again, from Ulcerous Colitis. This was hope for me, in hypnosis it's what we call a "positive suggestion". I told her that I was down to only 3 Lialda pills a day. She told me the medication will not work with the dose below three pills a day. She said, if you are trying to get off the pills and feel an urgency, you need to take the full dose prescribed again, so that you do not slip backwards. Avoid slipping back she said firmly, it's harder to get under control if you slip back.

 I went home, and took 3 pills every-other-day, for a month, then "NO PILLS" one day! But, I felt strange, so the next day, I went back to 3 pills. This transition completely off Lialda for good, took me 3 weeks, right up to my Lialda prescription running out. The Pharmacy wanted me to pay out of pocket $1,200 dollars per month cost, to refill my Lialda! I was happy to tell him, I was off it, and to hold the bottle there, as an emergency.

 I called Doctor Buchner, MD, PhD and told her what I was doing. She suggested I use Mesalamine a Rectal Enema, when I felt an urgency, after stopping the Lialda. She called a prescription into the pharmacy for me.  
I was happy she did, because for the first 2 weeks off all Lialda, I used Mesalamine every night, to stop the strange feelings I was having because my body was not use to making it's own bowel moments firm on it's own.

 I used Mesalamine at night only for 2 months, as a transition of Lialda. I was really terrified, when I had a loose stool, because if it comes back my doctor said it would be harder to get back under control. I felt like I got worse, before I got better, but no blood, so I was hopeful. It took weeks to get a formed and normal bowel movement. 

 What helped was homemade— bone broth out of 'grass-fed cow knees", from Whole foods frozen section and organic chicken in it.

 At first it was disgusting boiling bones, because I was raw foodist. But, the animals saved my life.
I boiled the bones for 24 hours and then put the broth in the refrigerator, and the next morning took the fat off the top. I then boiled organic chicken in filtered water, after it was cooked added squash and then put the chicken and squash in with the broth and ate it twice a day, a large bowl.

 NO Potatoes, they are a complex carb and cause inflammation. I felt like I lived on organic chicken soup in bone broth, two large bowl every day for 3 months. I realized that my body needed the animal minerals from the bones, to heal the ulcerous, which my raw food diet could not give do. Also, the most important aspect of what made this work was taking 1 tablespoon of Psyllium mixed in distilled water Organic India, Whole Husk, Psyllium" first thing in the morning for harder stools. This was like the Magic Wand, for me! I read about this from others trying to get off medication for UC, Ulcerous Colitis. 

 During the transition off drugs, I slept a lot. I was lucky I had no job. Every time I got scared, that I was slipping backwards, I took a nap. I was severely depressed. The toxins from the gut inflammation were leaking into my blood. I focused on healing and breath through every stressful thought. I said, to my body, you know how to heal yourself. I performed self hypnosis, all the time, seeing myself 100 percent well, and releasing the fear.

 It has been 5 months and I am 100 percent free from all drugs. I used 2 boxes of Mesalamine to transition off Lialda, one each night. I have a box of Mesalamine in my suitcase, especially when I travel for an emergency. It is important to never slip back. If I feel a strange stomach sensation, like blooding, or acidic feeling, then I drink mint tea, bone broth and start breathing deeply to control stress. Nothing is more important than my health, without it, I am in bed unable to function. This was a big eye-opener to controlling my stress levels, and learning to trust my body. On the fourth month of being 100 percent well, I was able to go back on my raw food diet, full time, (see my Youtube channel: Kelly Granite for this diet after you are well) . I also workout an hour a day, spinning in a gym cycling class. Sweating like crazy the toxins out of my body was the key to my happiness coming back, at the same jovial state I had as a teenager! 

 I would suggest speaking to your doctor, before changing your prescribed medication. Ask your doctor for help, because getting off the medication for Ulcerative Colitis will be one of the biggest challenges of your life! And exciting one, once you are free from drugs!

I have been trained by the greatest Hypnotists in the world, and I will be opening "Doylestown Hypnosis" in September, both using in office hypnosis and Skype. My website will be up end of August,, or email me: if you want to learn how to use Hypnosis to help.

In Conclusion:
It took me 2 months to wean myself completely off the Ulcerative Colitis medication. I went from Prednisone the very first two months a year ago, to 4 Lialda for a year, to 3 Lialda every other day, then took 3 Lialda every 3 days, until I stopped Lialda all together. After I stopped Lialda, I used Mesalamine as a safety net for the first 3 weeks, one at night. I have not used any drugs for 5 months and I feel very confident this is controlled now by my self hypnosis, and diet. I am now 100 percent Raw, live organic foods, but do not do this until you are well for months, because the raw food diet, will not work if you are not 100 percent well.

 I also used the diet from Breaking the Vicious Cycle, book to get off medication. And I still take 1 table spoon, mixed in distilled water of the brand: "Organic India, Whole Husk, Psyllium" first thing in the morning for a firm stool. I will gradually get off this, in another 6 months to a year. During the transition off medication, I would make tea with fresh organic turmeric root for inflammation, which is the natural remedy replacement of Lialda. Do not use turmeric pills, these do not work.

 Doctors do not know what causes Ulcerous Colitis. They think it's caused by bacteria which is aggravated by stress. The condition can get worse if you are not on a program. Please seek medical advice if you have any symptoms like described. I am not a medical doctor, I am becoming a certified Hypnotherapist, and work with Doctors to help you.

My GI doctor said, something very interesting, "Ulcerative Colitis went away completely in some of my older patients." Wow, I thought, what does that mean? Did they stop worrying...., which is a characteristic of the very old. The good news is that we don't have to wait to get old for all symptoms to go away, if we practice deep breathing and self hypnosis. 

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