Saturday, June 3, 2017

Longevity Secret 7 - Retirement Planning - 4 Best S&P Index Funds for 2017!

Hello Friends!
Well, here we our fifties and we have not thought much about "Retirement," while working so hard to get all our kids through school and onto their great adventure! Now, it's our turn to plan for what happens when we turn 65, which for me is 10 years away.  
My number one goal is to diversify our savings into unique categories, Real Estate, my new business and our 401K and IRA/Roth.  We are avoiding all mutual funds, because of their high fees. I am also starting a savings account with Charles Schwab in their S&P Index Fund, which is the only place that Warren Buffett is leaving money in his Will to his family. I have always imagined our lives as 4 acts in the play of life. One day I asked my husband David, "What act do you think I am in at age 55?" He said, "You are in Act 1." His answer took years off my mind, because I was worried that I was in Act 2 or 3. It is this type of thinking about our age and what we can still accomplish that reminded me of a small village in Japan which has an extraordinary large number of super- centenarians, people who live to be over 100 years of age. Their secret is they don't believe they are old. And they walk by a large carved stone tablet, just outside their village in Okinawa, which reads...

At Eighty your still a child, 
And if at Ninety heaven calls,
say go away and come back when I am One-Hundred.

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