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The facts are right here, standing in front of you, but "Change Management" is not easy to transition out of. Those that are invested in proving their religion right, might feel depressed when they first watch this movie. And 70 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians, which is shocking when you discover that all religions are based on astronomy and mythology. 

Ten years ago, I sold everything, bought a backpack and went around the world to find God. I went to India, Israel, Bhutan, Charters Cathedral in France, Oxford University in England, and Egypt, not because I thought these were the only places to look for God, but I was told these places had the most holy sites in the world. One location stood out among the others, the Pyramids of Giza. Here I saw the etchings from 10,000 years ago, they were beautiful and to my surprise there was no good vs. evil theme.


Inside the Pyramids were cravings of rivers, birds, the "Eye of Horus", which translates in hieroglyphics "to make or do" or "one who does".  In Egyptian myth the eye was not the passive organ of sight but more an agent of action. Also, it is believed that the Pyramids were built using astronomy and mathematics to connect the architecture of the Pyramids to our solar system's— magnetic fields.

There were also individual statues inside the Pyramids of their friends and family, stone cravings in their likeness, each one individual. I loved being near them, so colorful and happy. While standing there, I had this revelation that the Egyptians were more evolved then we are today. There was no fear represented in their etchings of life or the hereafter.
There was a peaceful "river of fire" etching in the stone wall. It was symbolic of the transition from death to the after life. The river of fire was a purification. The symbols seemed to tell a story of leaving your mistakes behind and taking off into the beautiful wild unknown. I was told by a guide inside the Pyramid that the figures of the family and friends were there in case you forgot them, so you could find them again. Maybe they are all back there together again, invisible forms of energy that are hanging out watching us try to figure out the meaning of their artwork. :)
Egyptian Myth, The Lake of Fire (sound familiar)

One of the most amazing adventures I had in Egypt, along with riding a camel through the dessert to the Pyramids, was visiting the out door museum in Memphis Egypt. It was here that I touched the hand of Rameses II, (1279-1213 BCE), made of stone and holding a "Power Rod". The rod was bigger then me and Rameses was three stories high, but now lying on his back, because one of his legs was broken. The cylinder rods in his hands fascinated me. Their roots go back to the depths of time. They were used to harmonize the energy within the body, which was confirmed by independent studies of the effect of the cylinder rods carried out in the clinical bio-physics laboratory of the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute in St Petersburg in 1995. 

During the experiment with the cylinder rods electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings were made registering changes in the bio-electric activity of the cerebral cortex. Although the rods were held for only five minutes, instruments recorded:
a smooth change in the bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex
a reduction in asymmetry between the hemispheres in the rear section
the alpha-rhythm with a frequency of 10 Hz being more stable in all parts of the cerebral cortex (N.B. alpha waves are found only in humans!)
polymorphic beta activity growing in amplitude in all areas of the cerebral cortex
Let me explain in a different way the significance of what the electroencephalograph registered.

As far back as 1953, Walter Grey, who studied brain rhythms, suggested that the brain’s sensitivity to electrical influences could provide a link between the human being and some principle suffusing everything around us! It is important to note here that the length of the electromagnetic waves with alpha-rhythm frequency is very close to the circumference of the globe and the natural resonances of the Earth-ionosphere system, in which the length of the main resonance wave is close to the circumference of the Earth.

In 1960 Koenig and his collaborators noted the closeness between the main resonance frequency of the globe and human alpha rhythms.

Geometrically, the rods are also attuned to the main resonance - the planet’s own frequency of vibration. The rods on the human psycho-physical field and energy structure stimulates concentration on self-made internal images, intensifying the trance or meditative effect. Irina and Mikhail Kosh in Moscow have noted that a result of using the rods a synchronization of the two hemispheres is achieved, that is an evening-out of the potentials of the cortices of the left and right hemispheres. There is an effect of deeper and gentler immersion into the meditative state that corresponds to the theta rhythms. The person’s energy field remembers, as it were, the rhythms that arose while the rods were working and continues maintaining them for a period between 24 hours and several days. One of the main reasons why the rods were constructed by ancients is that they are the instruments for prophylaxis prevention of cancer.

The coolest aspect of energy is that it's alive and available to everything in the universe, seen and unseen. If you don't like an event in your past, imagine a new event and replace it. This will change your present, past and future simultaneously. Memory does not exist in the past, it exists in the present by remembering it. There is an unknown, unseen reality, and it's time to voyage into it with Science. 
Why do more people not question the volatility of Religion?

Do you remember the story of Galileo? Considered the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) made major contributions to the fields of physics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics and philosophy. He invented an improved telescope that let him observe and describe the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, the phases of Venus, sunspots and the rugged lunar surface. His advocacy of a heliocentric universe (heliocentric meaning: sun is the central point of the Universe, which is false.) brought him before religious authorities in 1616 and again in 1633, when he was forced to recant and placed under house arrest for the rest of his life.
Valley of the Cranes, in Bhutan
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My first stop was to The World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco. I wanted to understand the science of frequencies, especially if everything in the universe was vibrating to their own unique song. I waited in the large conference room to hear Dr. Susan Yale's lecture on the Harmonic Oscillator. The room went black and three pyramids projected on a movie screen.

"You can hear the sound of "nature" between the Pyramids of Giza," Dr. Yale said, pausing, "it's a perfect F Sharp." No one moved. She spoke slowly, "If you knew there was a place in the world where you could hear God, would you go?" ~ from my Memoir —"From Hollywood to God"  Kelly Granite Enck on Amazon books and Kindle.
Giza, Egypt
Hiking through Bhutan

Tiger's Temple, Thailand
River Kwai, Thailand

The Kingdom of Bhutan

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

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