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How to Get Happy? By Hypnotherapist Kelly Granite Enck

Our mind is the "unknown frontier" where few have gone. We see with our eyes the physical reality, but it has an equal reality that is unseen. The unseen reality has infinite probabilities which we can pull into our life using our minds.

When we focus on something we want in a relaxed state of hypnosis we can easily pull this ideal into our life. If we could slow down physical events... then we could see them FORM from our thoughts. The physical and the invisible realities are equal, yet we rarely "mentally" play with the unknown realities..... or what is termed probabilities.

I have a fun story to share about just such a playdate. I was heading to Egypt to listen for to the F-sharp sound of creation said to be heard between the Pyramids of Giza. They say nature has a sound the sound you hear if you go underwater swimming in the ocean.

I was single at this time and I was excited to hear the F-Sharp and see the Pyramids, but I did not want to go alone. So, I invit…